How To Buy An Engagement Ring?

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Among the many questions that you will likely ask in your whole life, the one most important one might be Will you marry me? And while it might be easier said than done, if not planned properly it just might not end up the way you wanted it to be. So you have to plan and be ready with your engagement ring when you drop down on one knee, open that tiny box and propose to the pretty lady love in your life. Here we will go over some tips as to how to go about selecting from the many different kinds of engagement rings available today.

Apart from a house or a car, an engagement ring could be one of the most expensive purchases that you would make in a lifetime. But while house provides shelter and a car a means of transport, the engagement rings provide a promise which is often based on emotion rather than reason. Hence, it would be wise to set a budget so that you can focus on something that you can afford rather than try to buy your love a ring that you simply cannot afford. So make sure you set a budget and then only start looking around at the engagement rings and make sure you stick to the price limit. There is no joy in giving your fiance the most expensive ring knowing fully well that you will have to live on just baked beans for the whole of next year.

There are several different cuts to choose from. There are princes' cut engagement rings, pear, emerald, marquise and round brilliant. Then comes clarity which is based on the number of fractures or cracks that are visible to the naked eye or under magnification. Another aspect to be considered while purchasing a diamond engagement ring is the colour. The scale starts from D which is colourless. On the other end of the scale, you have Z which is thought to be light yellow. A diamond’s weight is measured regarding carats.

Make sure you select the right setting for your engagement ring. What you choose should reflect the personality of your fiance. There are plenty of settings to choose from, and some online jewellery stores even let you customize the settings as per your taste so you can have a unique piece of art for your lady love. You can choose from sleek bands, classic or filigree designs. You may also choose from engagement rings in various metals like white gold, yellow gold, titanium, silver or platinum.

Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

It has become a challenging task for many couples to buy a perfect engagement ring. Earlier the guys used to choose a ring for proposing his beloved but these days the future bride and groom would go together and shop for the engagement ring. It would better to keep certain things in mind before shopping for the engagement ring which is intended to last till eternity.

Generally there are three rings that the couples would choose over their lifetimes. The first one being the engagement ring which is given as a promise to the impending wedding, the wedding ring that symbolizes the eternal love and the anniversary rings that is given as a token of their happiness and affection. The anniversary ring is given in occasion when the couples celebrate an important milestone in their marriage. Usually, as the couples go to the jewelry store, they keep a budget in mind and plan to purchase the ring accordingly. During earlier times, it has been believed that the gentleman would buy a diamond engagement ring for his beloved which equals one to two months of his salary. Even though rings are not purchased keeping this price line, still it has been considered as a threshold to gauge the price of the diamond that you buy.

The first thing to consider before picking a possible diamond engagement ring would be the setting of the ring. There are unlimited choices ranging from traditional, classic solitaires, rings with sidestones, tension rings, three stone rings and designer jewelry settings. The setting would be largely determined by your personal choice, imagination and of course your budget. These days the jewelers are providing options to customize and build your own ring settings particularly in three stone rings. After you have selected a desirable ring setting, you can go for an attractive, certified diamond.

Certain parameters should be considered before purchasing diamond for your engagement ring. The diamond’s shape and setting are the most important considerations when it comes to determining the look. Apart from that, understanding the four main characteristics common to all the diamonds are equally important. The four attributes that determine the diamond quality would be the four Cs also know as Clarity, Carat, Cut and Color. The mass of the diamond is determined by the carat. Price for each diamond is determined by the carat weight of it. Clarity means the internal defects found in any diamond, which is commonly known as inclusions. Clarity is defined by the size, number and visibility of the inclusions. If a diamond is free of any structural and chemical imperfections, it would be explicitly transparent. This shows the color of the diamond. However, most of the diamonds would have some tints of yellow, blue or pink hues. And finally the cut of the diamond is determined by the creation of a craftsman added with the angles in which the diamond is cut. Learn more about jewelry ring ideas at

Once you have selected the diamond and engagement ring setting, you work is almost done. Now all you have to do is to dream about the wedding and plan for the proposal.


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